Group Counseling

Our Therapists facilitate group sessions for children and youth experiencing social/emotional challenges.

Anytime you decide to try something new there are potential benefits and risks. Some are presented below. Not all benefits and/or risks can be foreseen, this is not an all-inclusive list of potential benefits or risks and the outcome of group counseling will be different for each person.

Potential Benefits to Group Participation:

There is an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences in a group format.

It is a chance to discuss experiences and gain feedback; there may be group members who have been through similar experiences and they can share what they did and their outcomes.

The group may provide support to make positive change.
There is an opportunity for group problem-solving.

It may have a positive effect on your individual therapy.

You may provide support to other group members and receive the benefits associated with that.

Potential Risks to Group Participation:

There may be a confidentiality breach by a group member.

While confidentiality is stressed; it is impossible to control who group members speak with or what they might say.

As a group member you may hear things that my cause added worry or worry about events you may never have considered.

A group member may bring up an event or behavior in such a way as to give you ideas that you may never have considered.

There may be no benefit at all.

Placement is very important to the group and individuals participating in the group. Individual assessments are required to determine group eligibility and placement. Although “Benefits” and “Risks” very for each group member, correct placement is important to receive the best possible results.